Treatment of tooth canals


ENDODONTICS is one of the branches of dentistry, which deals with the study of diseases of the pulp (nerve) and surrounding tissues. All endodontic manipulations are aimed at preserving the tooth and are performed in cases where the infection enters the pulp (nerve) of the tooth or the surrounding apical tissues of the tooth root.


Endodontic treatment is the most important stage in the complex treatment of the tooth. In Verbitsky Dentistry, root canal treatment is performed using modern protocols and techniques. Such treatment has a predicted result at a high level.

Endodontic treatment is performed to preserve the tooth, because your tooth is much better than any implant or crown. Our clinic is one of the few in Ukraine where endodontic treatment is performed with single-use micro instruments, so such treatment cannot be cheap.


Causes of infection in the root canal (nerve) and the surrounding apical tissues:

  1. Untimely treatment of caries.
  2. Development of caries under fillings (when the filling was not sealed or, perhaps, during the filling of the carious cavity there was a leak due to poor insulation of the working field) or untreated carious cavity (when the tooth wall on which the filling was to be placed was poorly cleaned of caries).
  3. In case of injuries:
  1. In infectious diseases, when the infection enters the pulp (nerve) through the blood.
  2. At poor-quality treatment of root canals:

Endodontics may be:


The essence of endodontic treatment:

  1. Identify all root canals: primary and secondary.
  2. Release the root canal from the pulp (nerve tissue) and obturation masses (filling materials from previous treatment).
  3. Dissect necrotic (affected) tissues and form a root canal, ie give it a conical shape.
  4. Carry out medical treatment of the wound.
  5. Properly select the obturating (filling) material and tightly obturate (seal) the root canal.
  6. Quality restoration of the crown part of the tooth (filling, crown, tab).
  7. Dispensary observation.

Stages of endodontic treatment in Verbitsky Dentistry:

  1. Examination of the tooth to be treated.


  1. Anesthesia



  1. Access opening (access to the root system).


  1. Determination of the working length of root canals.


  1. Mechanical cleaning of root canals.


  1. Disinfection of root canals.


  1. Root canal filling.


  1. Control X-ray image.
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