Professional hygiene

Professional hygiene is a set of measures aimed at removing mineralized (tartar and dental plaque) and non-mineralized (soft plaque) dental depositions from the tooth surface. To do this, our clinic uses a modern and professional approach, which is presented in the form of an ultrasonic device and a device with the cleaning AIR FLOW method.

We are sure that everyone knows the phrase: "It is better to prevent a disease than to treat it." This is what the prevention section does.

The ultrasonic method of teeth cleaning involves the use of a hand tool with a thin tip that vibrates at a high frequency, under the action of which hardened deposits disintegrate without damaging the tooth.

The AIR FLOW method involves cleaning with powder (based on sodium bicarbonate or glycine), water and compressed air, i.e. the powder is given with water under pressure, penetrating hard-to-reach places, and cleaning teeth from surface pigmentation and soft plaque.

Apart from that, additional methods and tools can be used such as strip tapes, hand scalers, brushes, curettes, etc.

Tartar is plaque in the past, which under the influence of certain factors has mineralized. Its danger is irritation of the gums, which, in turn, become inflamed (red, enlarged, bleeding). If this condition is prolonged - it can lead to a disease such as periodontitis, in which the destruction of the bone plate around the teeth take place. As a result a person may lose them.


It is worth remembering that professional hygiene is recommended to be performed 1-2 times a year, because during this period, soft plaque can harden on the teeth. Also, the regularity of this procedure allows you to detect the disease at an early stage and a timely procedure is performed faster and with minimal discomfort for the patient. 

Хостинг та програмування - plamya.