Children's dentistry

It is worth visiting the dentist for the first time with the eruption of the first teeth; it is from this period that we need to unite about the teeth of our little ones. Therefore, parents can get advice and choose hygiene products for dental care. Regular hygiene is very important not only in adulthood, but also in childhood, because clean teeth do not get cavities. The first professional oral hygiene for a child is recommended at the age of 6-7 years.

You should not miss the period in which you can seal the fissures of teeth to prevent carious lesions.

Some parents think that treating deciduous teeth is not necessary, as, after all, they will "fall out" anyway. This judgment is erroneous.

We suggest you review the main consequences of procrastination and untimely dental treatment.

Caries spreads quickly in deciduous teeth, the infection can penetrate deeper through damaged teeth, while damaging the rudiments of permanent teeth. The absence or significant destruction of the crowns of deciduous teeth entails a number of negative consequences, including impaired chewing, diction disorder, bad breath, which in turn leads to the child's difficult communication  with others. Premature loss of deciduous teeth causes improper eruption of permanent teeth. Also, like permanent teeth, deciduous teeth hurt.

The child's first visit to the dentist is one of the best. Parents should act positively with the child in advance, without scaring them off, explaining why you need to value dentistry and what to do.

It's no secret that most people are afraid of dentists, because everyone has their own negative memory. But do not forget that dentistry does not stand still, and today you can treat or remove teeth under sedation - the so-called "medicated sleep", during which non-toxic sedatives are administered, then the treatment is carried out without stress and pain.

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