About the clinic

Dental treatment that brings pleasure

How do you react to the word "dentist"? Pain is probably the first of the associations. And the fear that is associated with memories of a far from perfect school dental office and the piercing sound of a dental drill. Because of this, we postpone the visit to the clinic, waiting until the moment when, "through the teeth", suffering pain and discomfort, we still go to the dentist.

However, you can forget about all this today! Modern dental office: sterile, bright, and comfortable - evokes trust and calms you down. And the friendly staff will help you quickly forget about stress.

This is exactly what Verbitsky Dentistry is like. With us you will be able to feel confident!

We have ten years of experience; a team of professionals is in action. Our goal is to provide you with a long-term result.

We work with dental diseases of any complexity

The availability of the necessary specialists allows us to provide professional assistance to our patients in all areas. We apply the latest methods, technologies, use modern equipment in order to approach dental treatment comprehensively.

In Verbitsky Dentistry we provide all types of dental services, namely:

- pediatric dentistry;

- orthodontics;

- implantology;

- dental prosthetics;

- therapeutic dentistry;

- treatment of tooth canals;

- surgical dentistry;

- professional hygiene.

We also carry out digital smile prediction, which will help you see the future shape of your teeth to the nearest millimeter.

Our specialists provide the necessary advice and determine the treatment plan for the client. Each patient has their own personal paper card. And also access to the electronic one, where one can view the entire treatment history. 

We are responsible for your health

At Verbitsky Dentistry, we make every effort to protect each patient. Therefore, we use the latest sterilization methods, disposable surgical suits and disinfectants. 

Come and we will justify your trust


- we provide quality services;

- we are responsible for our reputation;

- we have experience and opportunities to implement it.


It's not about health, but it's also pleasant!

We made sure that the visitors to our dentistry receive maximum comfort, feel coziness and a pleasant atmosphere.

For flyer holders, we additionally provide free dental hygiene.

We have gift certificates for UAH 500, UAH 1000 and UAH 2000. 


Dear patients, please pay attention!

Early detection of dental disease or oral defects will help to avoid immediate intervention or prevent possible complications.

Therefore, we advise you not to hesitate, but to make a timely appointment with us for a checkup.

Стоматологія у Тернополі Стоматологія у Тернополі Стоматологія у Тернополі

Стоматологія Вербіцького - це втілення багаторічного досвіду кількох поколінь стоматологів, що поєднало традиції класичного консервативного лікування, турботливого ставлення до пацієнта з інноваційними технологіями та прогресивними методиками, спрямованих на забезпечення прогнозованого та довготривалого результату лікування. Вміння вислухати та послідовно проаналізувати потреби та очікування кожного пацієнта.

Хостинг та програмування - plamya.